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I am on Lesson 5 and very optimistic about all this but…how robust are real world robots? The first set of demo workflows I downloaded for Lesson 5 don’t work. Both the notepad one and the lookup googl stock prices can’t find the UI elements. I’ve tried both the pages they are trying to get to either open or closed. ie: notepad - untitled open or the nasdaq financial page for googl historical prices with the table showing. Neither thing worked.
So…this seems to me an indication that these thing might be extremely fragile. So, for those experienced in real world, are they fragile? Are there some tips on making them less so?

Incidentally I simply added an open application notepad and took type into actions up into the do part of that, then reset the target using “indicate on screen” for each action and the first part of the first demo worked. But I’m not sure why I needed to reset the target on everything. Also resetting the target even with notepad open did not work until I added the open app into the workflow.

You don’t have to use "indicate on screen " every time unless you find most reliable selector.
Because in real world the design of workflow will be slightly different than what you see in training session.We need to consider every exception it might occur and how do you over come that.
For the time being you need to understand about selector and uiExplorer which will help you to sort out your training lesson workflow.

Human users can intuitively identify graphical elements or objects on the screen. The software robots need to be “trained” to recognize the same elements that a human would see. For this there are a few different techniques depending on the type of automation. Usually the objects identified with the UiPath recorder will be accurate and you can directly work with the generated activities. There are a few special cases in which you will need to go deeper into an object’s properties and manually select the attributes that uniquely identify an object. This is where the selectors come into play.

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In my case, the first step was “start process” (in the property “file name” indicate the full path to your app) , and then “attach windows” .

I hope this can help you.