For one item there are multiple data- how to add these data in queue



As we can see in the above screenshot for Customer number there are multiple customer template
For ex: 123 customer number there are two customer template.
I need to add all the values for customer 123 to the queue together

How can I achieve this ?


So you mean that you want to add 123, 123, 456 & 456 along with customer template to queue?
Do you want to add unique cust ID with many cust template?

I want to merge rows 123 , 123 and the customer template and then add it as one record in queue.
Similarly have to add multiple rows in the datable as add it as one record in Queue if Customer id is same.


You will need to group those records, please follow weblink as below.

you can also search on google how to group datatable in or c#

Okay Pankaj. Thank you . Will check it out

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found new article for you, here you will need to install new packages and that will ease your job.


I need this as my output

Kindly let me know how to achieve this.