FOr loop

I have a for loop sequence for reading of pdf file. and it contains many if-else. One of the if else such that if it met the condition then continue the loop, else straight into the next loop without conitnuing what is left of the current loop. how do i do that?

Activities>Available>Workflow>Control Flow>Break

how about using this to go out of loop and go to next step

Its supposed to continue the loopin, just not the step for this current each loop. like going to the next each loop. if i use break the whole process stops. if i use continue nothign happends too

Hi @TyraS,

Can you please share the workflow so that i can work and give it to you.


You can use flags in this type of situations @TyraS. We have so many ways to do, but flags will be simple and easy to understand.

  1. For the first if loop, if the value is present, use a boolean variable and make it true assigning the default value as false.
  2. for the second if, check if the boolean above is false or true, based on that, execute the second if, else stop

@tyras - you can also use a flowchart instead of a sequence within the for each loop. That makes it easier to continue to next transaction in the loop once a condition is met