For Loop is not working for all Objects

Hi folks,

for loop is not getting all the objects,Every time it is working 5 times not for all.

Please suggest me .


in this pic objects are 12 but it is working only 5

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Can you share the exception message ?

Hi Karthick,

Thanks for the Prompt Reply.

this is the exception

This is the selector

choose the selector of 6th row or 7th row once and compare with your current selector .

What are you trying to do in this page ?

  1. Extracting each data information by clicking one by one
  2. Getting all the rows and looping it for manipulation

Hi @Raman2

Are you able to do Data Scrapping?

Ashwin S

Hi Karthik,

  1. Extract the each data information by clicking one by one.

Hi @Raman2

It may occur because of the scroll down property. Why don’t you try Data Scraping?

In every ticket i want extract the each data information by clicking one by one.that 's y i am not using data scrapping

  1. Get the count of records in the page
  2. Loop the lines , Increment the selector and make the bot to click the records one by one
  3. Extract the value and navigate to previous page

Hope this helps you

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Hi @Raman2
Try β€œ*” for the page selector position