For Generate Yearly Report- Can we submit assignment after testing for one TaxID?

I tested the Performer part of my Generate Yearly Report assignment. I got the merged yearly file, uploaded the same in the ACME site , generated the Upload ID and updated the status to “Completed”.
So when I cross verified the status for that particular Tax ID , it says “Completed”/. Please clarify my below questions:

  1. Can I zip all the xaml files ( for both performer and dispatcher into one consolidated Zip) along with the generated xls file for that one Tax ID and upload ?
  2. Or must I generate for all items in the Queue)- all tax IDs( corresponding xls files) and then zip the whole lot? I am facing errors when I run for second TaxID. For one round it is working perfect.



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I have the same question. The PDD doesn’t specify this.

Hi @Pedro_Rodriguez
Unfortunately you cannot do that. The system validates for total number of expected results or items versus correct ones. So if your queue has 10 items, you have to upload 10 yearly reports along with changes to statuses of the 10 items in the queue. Once I uploaded 5 out of 8 correct in one instance and got a 50 %. I had to make sure all items are done to get a 100 percent. You might try 80 percent to pass though :smiley:


What I meant was that the PDF doesn’t specify in which format should we deliver the assignment.