For Fun: LinkedIn/Facebook Infinite Like

Hello everyone,

Just for fun, I have created an artifact that basically ‘Click’ on every Like button on LinkedIn timeline. In addition, I believe that if you use the same logic, it would work on Facebook too.

I’ve tested it on Firefox, but if needed you may adjust to work on any browser you want.

:laughing: (8.2 KB)


I think we should not do this, People will start to use UiPath as a spamming tool. Suggest to remove this post.

Kuldip Gohil

If people want to use technology in malicious ways they will. They will take also responsibility for their actions if they are breaching legislation and our license agreement. Not censorship will stop them… but education :)… and for sure they won’t declare on this forum :).

So let’s take @acaciomelo post as what it is… a fun practical exercise :slight_smile:


@badita - ok, fine… :slight_smile: