For every Process run, should get the value and increment it by 1

Hi all,

May I know how to achieve the following

For every runtime the process should get a value (starting any number) and should increase by 1 for each run

Can any one give ideas please

Thanks in advance

Hi @saritha

Somewhere in the config sheet, you can define a key & fix the value for the process, you can do this for the first time.

Everytime when the process runs, you can include a sequence to access the data from that place, increment it by 1 & write back to the same place.

By doing this, you can get that data to keep incrementing everytime the process runs.

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hello @saritha
While running the loop or something provide the scope of the variable to that loop only if you go out from that loop and again enters then it will resets to original one. and if loop incremented anything inside it that value only valid till that scope only.
Hop it solved your doubt.
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you can use get asset and set asset activity and store your value into asset .
so that you count will remain in orchestrator and you use in multiple run

Hi @saritha Below are few thoughts


  • Get value from the config file, increment value each time, before the execution ends update the current incremented value back to config. So that from the next run, bot continues with the updated number. This avoid reusing the numbers.


  • Read value from the storage buckets in an Orchestrator, increment each time, before the execution ends update the current incremented value back to the storage bucket


  • Follow the same process of steps with the Orchestrator Assets


If you are using re framework then you can use transactionnumber variable which works in the same way


Thanks all for the responses