For each: Unable to cast object of type 'System.Char to System.String'

Hi, I am encountering this particular error when running my workflow. I’ve tried to apply solutions on previous forums to no avail. Hope someone can help me with this!

I am currently performing a nested for each; First for each excel workbook file within the selected folder, and for each excel sheet within each individual workbook - perform my automation. I’ve pasted a screenshot of what I currently have, would like to know which exact point I’m running the error and how to resolve. Thanks!

You should set strArr at For Each, not excelFile.

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Thanks for catching the mistake! I think I’ve resolved it… I am running another error now that states ‘Read Range: The workbook does not exist’ but I can’t seem to pinpoint what should be changed. Is it possible for my read range activity to look at ‘sheet’ like this in the for each? Not sure where’s the problem for this.
image001 (1)|690x333

Thanks in advance!

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