For Each Type into is not working well

Hi! i need to insert an Array of emails into “TO” field in a form (salesforce form).
im doing this by a for each activity, for each email in the array “EmailList” i use the Type into activity, typing the current email then use “enter” key(because that is the way to enter multipule emails in that field). the problem is - only one email is entered successfully, the others doesnt.
what can i do about it?


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Instead of entering the email by using Enter key
You can generate multiple emails with (, or “;”), which will treat as separate emails
Try this way

Hope this may help you


Hi @Gaia_Tamir,

I think you can also try sending a “Tab” hotkey after every email you have written in that case what will happen is it will take all the characters entered are valid, can follow typing others.

Happy automating