For each statement with strange behaviour


i had made a foreach statement that loop throught a series of folders read every file included in that folder check if an “image existe” and if yes do some job, but for the first run it loops without giving results, and only in the second round (of looping: because it continue to loop) it discover the “image” whereas in should discover it in the first round

Not sure why its happening.
Could you please attache the workflow.

for each1.xaml (57.7 KB)

Looks like image exist have selector"<wnd app='acrord32.exe' cls='AcrobatSDIWindow' title='PMNA26-07-17.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC' />"

It will work because when it has the pdf of file name "'PMNA26-07-17.pdf " .
Please remove the selector.

thank you, i had tryed but, it is the same things