For Each Row

Dear All ,
Kindly i need your help in below issue :slight_smile:
i have a grid view in ASP.NET web form , im trying to go through the grid view rows copy it to a website by clicking Add based on the no of rows , i understand that i need to use For each row and data table functions but i dont know how ?

Hi Sara,
If you want to iterate through the data table, you need to extract the datatable first.

  1. Use Data Scraping to extract the DataDable from the DataGrid
  2. Use For Each Row activity to get each row from the DataTable
  3. perform action within do -block of For Each Row activity.



Many Many Thanks for your help , it works with me . the only issue im facing that it is taking the full row data in one feild, while i have three cells and each cell should be type into one feild

Finally solved , i used the get row item activity :slight_smile:

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