For each row take too much time to pick date form date picker with help of row index method need suggestions

I am using for each row in data table activity to get dates form excel and date picker pick dates by finding out the row index and then pick accurate date… But it takes lot of time to pick date so plzzz suggest the way which will help to run faster to pick dates…

Hello @Rahulthombare

You can watch the below video to solve this. You have to properly choose the attributes in the selector.

can you explain more bit ? what is your expected answer?

Try Type into Activity Instead of Selecting Date from date Picker.


It’s gives error as a ui element is not found corresponding.
Actually instead of class on my system in ui explore its shows parent class I done same as shown in vidio but its gives error

@Rahulthombare Share the selector which you are using.

And in my property panel there is no strict and fuzzy selector. only in target selector option is available

The selector seems correct. can you execute in Debug, stepinto by enabling Highlight element .

Check whether it is highlighting some element.

Strict and fuzzy is not visible because you are not using the modern designer.

Actually here three types of parent class 1 is when I pick any date in current month except on weekend line it gives parentclass =rcRow, 2 when I pick date on weekend line for current month it gives parentclass= rcweekend. And when I pick date which is actually from previous month but available in current month then it gives parentclass=rcOtherMonth then how I can add parent class in selector except rcothermonth

Here, it hink you need to click on first 2 cases and need to ignore the 3rd class, correct if im wrong.

parentclass =rcRow. 1st selector
parentclass= rcweekend. 2nd selector

Then use element exists for the first selector, if it exists use click activity, else click activity to click on 2nd selector.

Okkk no problem using get attribute I can get parent class and then I can use ur method but I don’t know how to ignore so plzzz sugeest then I can do it for third case

If you use get attribute, then you will have to think in different way, bcoz then 3rd scenario also you will have to consider.

Better you can use Element exists and use if activity. IF element exists, then use click activity for first case, else click on second scenario.

3rd scenario you can ignore as it is for coming month, which you can ignore.

Actually i am fresher plzzz give me way bcz in element exit activity indicate on screen is option what I can capture for this plzzz suggest

@Rahulthombare You need to indicate a day that is not a weekend. So the class will be parentclass =rcRow.

then you will get a boolean output. Suppose if the variable is “Check”, then use a if activity
Condition ( Check=“True”)
Then use a click activiyt ( for the same element as you used in the element exists)
Else use a click activity (provide class as weekend)