For Each Row - showing column count and header names buttons

Hi All

I’ve been getting to grips with UI Path Studio Pro and been doing some tests in scraping websites using a ‘For Each Row in Data Table’ - but when I add it now, I’m getting two additional radio buttons

  • Column Count
  • Header Names

Within Settings, the ‘Use Modern for new Projects’ is turned off also.

What is this and is there any way I can remove them as it just seems like an opportunity for something to go wrong.

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These are for define area for + button (like StudioX). There is a sample in the following topics. (As it’s Japaneses page, please use translate service etc.)

i think it’s ok to ignore if you don’t use + button.

Hi @steve1977beyond ,

You can do it from filter option.


cheers guys, though I am still getting the issue. Are you saying it’s okay for me to just ignore it? I’ve have deselected the Studio X features in the Filters area of Activities, but when I drag and drop ‘for each row in data table’ - it’s still showing these two buttons.
But a few weeks ago when I worked on something else, it didn’t show them.


Basically, we can ignore them.
If you want to delete these items, can you try to downgrade UiPath.System.Activities package to 21.4.1 or less using Mange Packages wizard?


I think you can ignore it - Also it is not making a difference as such

after turning off use for modern and in filter enable show classic. open new project …those 2 option will not display…it worked for me…
PS: You cannot remove that option in current project…so try it new project