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Hi all,

Please check my screenshot:

-I have a bunch of pdf files in a folder.
-I would like to upload each of those pdf files to sap (attaching them to an invoice number)
-I need always the number at the beginning of the pdf name (always 6 digits at the beginning of the file name) to search this invoice in sap. (I also need to add 4 fixed digits infront of the 6 digits).


Any suggestion how to start here?

I would start with sth. like “for each” item in the folder, but I dont really know how to get the 6 digits at the beginning of the filename and add the 4 fixed digits to search and add the pdf file in SAP.

Many thanks for any help!
Best Markus

@Markus3003 - Please check this…

My PDF files in the “DeleteFiles” Folder


  Directory.GetFiles("YourFolderName").Select(function(d) new fileinfo(d).Name.Substring(0,6)).toarray

Assign the above code to stringArray … and then use For Each loop and Search in SAP…

If you use (0,4) in the substring…you will get first 4 digits…


Thanks @prasath17, I will try that. With the 4 digits I meant that I have to add infront of each invoice number from the files 4 fixed digits in order to find the invoice in SAP, so for example:


Any idea how I can add those “5555” infront of each invoice number from the file names?

Thank you!


Directory.GetFiles("YourFolderName").Select(function(d) "5555"+ new fileinfo(d).Name.Substring(0,6)).ToArray

@prasath17 any idea what I am doing wrong?
Thank you!!

@Markus3003 - You have used incorrect activity…Instead of using “For Each” , you have used “For Each Row” which should have used for Datatable/datarow etc…


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@prasath17 , I would like to put the variable now into SAP, so that I can search for all the different numbers.

Can you tell me what is missing?


Thanks a lot!

@Markus3003 - ArrFiles is stringArray varaible, which you cannot give in SetText activity.

you have to pass String variable in the Set Text.


Please check this…

I would suggest you to take RPA Developer Foundation academy course, especially variable , Data Types and Control Flows which will put in a very good spot in understanding of the variables.

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Thank you, I will have a look into the courses.

Still sturgling here:

@Markus3003 - Please check your For each argument type…it should be string.

If its a object then you have to use as item.tostring.

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@prasath17 , thanks a lot, I am almost done with my automation.

My last problem now is, that I would like to attach the pdfs from the folder in SAP.
But to attach them I have to put the directory and the whole file name into the type into activity. In my arrFiles variable I only have the first 6 digits.

Do you have any idea?

Thank you!

@Markus3003 - In that case, change your logic as shown below…

For Each code should be Directory.GetFiles(“YourFolderName”)

Here Each File will give you the path name and next “5555” + path.GetFileName(Eachfile).Substring(0,6) will give you the invoice #…

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