For Each Row Loop while downloaded a excel file from web page

Hi Team
I am trying to download multiple file with in for each row loop.
for each current row in dt1
if - condition- currentRow(“PN”).tostring.equals.(blank)
then- countinue
if- condition- currentRow(“St”).tostring.equals.(“downloaded”)
then- log message- CurrentRow(“PN”).tostring+“already downloded”
else- type into- from date
type into- todate
click-submit button
element exixts- to pop up for the next window page
click- download excel - when page appear

Also want if the file download with the same name in my download folder
After that it check if the file is download or not
If downloaded write the "ST " with downloaded

Please check if its ok and also help
Thanks in Advance


Whole of the floe looks ok…

First check if you have a file with required name already in the folder and if present delete it and then proceed to download and you can use wait for download activity to check if the file downlod is complete or wait till then

Hope this helps


Hi @Arvind_Malik ,

Flow looks fine.

But download the file with timestamp.


timeStr = Now.TosString(“ddMMyyHHmmss”)

Then while downloading write filename as filepath+timeStr+“.extension”

Later you can check file.Exists(filepath+timeStr+“.extension”)

Hope it helps.

Hi Anil
File is downloading but i want the same name as filename.

Thanks for response

time str i have
just want to check if the file is downloaded with same name in my folder

Thanks for reply


What fo you mean by same name? …if a file is already there then it would ask you to rpwlace instead you can deete the already existing file so that the new file if you are providing same name will be downloaded with the same name…


In the web page it has different name but when download it has different name.

Hi @Arvind_Malik ,

In chrome settings. Go to download and enable the following.

This will provide you the popup before download and you can choose the name and path.

Same kind of settings is present in Edge too.

Hope this helps.

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i resolve it with wait for download activity
it work fine for me

Thanks for suggestions

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