For Each Row loop iterating only once due Selector error

This is what I’m trying to do:

  1. Read an excel file, iterate through the rows and obtain the cells value. (Done)
  2. On a specific url navigate to a search field where each query from step #1 will be inserted and export a csv file of the result. (Done)
  3. When prompted to open/save/cancel csv export click on save and have the file saved. (Done)

The issue: I need this whole process (Steps 1,2 and 3) to happen for each iteration. It’s only happening 1 iteration before giving an UI error for selector not found. I have tried 2 scenarios:

  • [not efficient] If I add an OpenBrowser Activity as part of the for loop it will obviously open an IE(that’s the browser I’m using) tab everytime and do steps 2 and 3 for each new tab until IE will crash and not find a UI element.
  • [ideal way] after completing step 3 of iteration #1 of the for each row loop it should look for the search field within the same page and insert iteration #2 value in the search input field, but this doesn’t work as it always finds an UI selector error upon initiating iteration #2. Weird because it iterates and saves the file once, but for fails to find element for 2nd iteration. This is the error:

Sorry for long post, I wanted to be as precise as possible.

Hi @eplr3198,

Welcome to the Uipath Community! :smiley:

Try to make your selector more dinamic by using wildcards in Uipath we have ? and * as wildcards. Also you can open the selector and press repair it might do it for you. Also you can remove parts of the selector that might not be usefull for example the aaname and some others.

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