For Each Row Loop Creation


If this message box appears then I need to click the OK button and go for the next data(e.g Next Customer Number) from the excel file.

Like if the Number ends with 788 shows that message box I need to go on for the next entry.

How can I create this loop? I am working within a for each row loop.


If I understand you clearly, you want to do as below

  1. Type the Customer Number and If the message box appears then you need to go to next customer number
  2. If Customer Number Ends with 788 then you need not to execute and go to next entry

For this In For Each row place a IF condition and write as
row(“Customer Number”).ToString.Endswith(“788”)

keep then as blank and in Else you can place Element exist and scrape the Message box Now place If condition and check If Element exist true keep then as blank and in else part you can keep your next activities

Hope this may help you


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i tried almost a same way and it is working now

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