For each Row in datatable - insert response in excel at the end

Hello to all
I have a workflow that,
starting from an excel file consisting of a column:

  • copy ID from excel file. (column A)
  • search for ID on a web panel.
  • Performs various operations
    At the end of the operations, I need to file a “log” which contains the result of the processing, if it has been successful, or if it has generated errors.
    For example “OK” or “KO” - in column B of the same file.
    Or, ID + Reponse on Sheet2.

Can anyone help me?
I don’t know how to link the outcome of each processing, to writing, of the LOG on excel.

  1. Read Range
  2. Use Add Data Column and add a Column as String and name it Result
  3. For Each Row
    3.1 Perform your operations using the data from original excel
    3.2 Use Assign activity: row(“Result”) = “OK” or “KO”
  4. Write Range using the Data Table output by step 1 and the same excel file