For each row in data table only replacing first two rows

Hello Folks,
I am trying to send an email, select or rejected candidates via email. 1st I have filtered using the if condition whether a candidate or selected or rejected.
and I have checked output using log messages only email

. It’s working perfectly but when I am using the message box to check output the message is showing only 1st 2 rows.

This Is my excel dt…

@Naveen_Kumar2 ,

Debug and check how many rows are coming in the ExcelDT.

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All of the rows printing correctly, but when comes to replacing then only replace 1st 2 rows not going to the 3rd row item

@Naveen_Kumar2 , are you getting any error while moving to Replace, what you are replacing? Run the whole workflow in debug mode you will get the exception

This is my 1st replacement data. it’s replacing correctly.

This is my 2nd replacement data. it’s replacing correctly.

And this is my 3rd-row replacement which replaces the above-rejected candidate details not replacing the 3rd-row item.

this is my replacement expression.

No! I am not getting any error while replacing, I am replacing candidate name, candidate designation, candidates’ date of joining, I Ran the whole workflow in debug mode but not get any exception it’s running perfectly.