For Each Row freezes

Hi, I have a datatable of 20k rows now, and for each row, I have to 2 columns that I need to input namely “Department” and “Duration”

The way to retrieve their values is

  1. For Department:
    a. In another column named “Unit” split by “-” and retrieve the first substring
    b. look for said substring via select from another datatable
    c. retrieve value from another datatable and assign into Department column

  2. For Duratoin
    a. In another column Initial Start Date, Parse string into datetime
    b. Assign Today-Initial Start Date as Duration column

The thing is because I need values from other columns (unit, initial start date) of the same datatable, and also because i need to do it for every row, there’s no other way than using For Each Row (I think??)
But I notice that robot would freezes after it has finished the for each row (I put a write line to see where its progress is at), and wouldnt proceed to write range and it would just remain running but not doing anything.
I’m guessing the rows are too much for the robot, but how else can I solve this?


20k rows should be fine :slight_smile:
Can you please attach the workflow and the input file, or just an example where we can reproduce the issue?


This is a screencap of the workflow in question.
As this is a part of a state machine, the workflow wouldn’t have worked if I uploaded.

But I earlier when I posted the topic, there was another sequence inside the for each row (Inside Body, under Assign List Item to row). I noticed that it was irrelevant and removed it, after that it worked fine. 20k rows finished in 1 minute and proceeded to write range (my next step)

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