For Each Row Excel Same contain column


I have 1file excel to read and type in to app. Because every row excel I have to find Col(No) and choose Col(TimetoWork) and type into Col(OverTime). IF same 1person but i waste time for action Find Col(No).

As you see we have same content at Col(No) how i just find 1time Col(No) ? and repeat action Find when have new Col(No)

Hey @anh.nguyen,

Use datatable.DefaultView.ToTable(True,“Col(No)”,“Col(TimetoWork)”).
This will return you the unique value based on the two column you won’t get the repeated rows.


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We can achieve it to keep previous number and compare it with current number as the following (9.6 KB)


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Thank you so much :slight_smile: it run ok

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