For each row do several actions

hi there

i have a datatable with 3 rows that looks a bit like this
United Kingdom,GBP

i am trying to a task similar to type country into google and scrape the information about the country from wikipedia

so i have an attach browser activity and for each row in the dt

what is happening is that browser opens, then inputs the counties one by one

the problem is wikipedia is not being opened before the next country is input into google
is there a way to get this to open wikipedia before it moves on the next country


Hi @adrian_sullivan

You can use an activity called ‘Element Exists’ to determine whether the Wikipedia is open or not, before the loop goes to enter the next element.

You can indicate an element in the Wikipedia page & specify the timeout in the activity. BOT will wait till the time specified & gives a TRUE or FALSE (boolean) output. You can put an If condition to determine if the page is loaded or not, and then proceed with the flow.

Hope this helps,
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Hi @adrian_sullivan

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U can use Navigate To acvitity inside For each row in datatable like below instead of waiting for delay

inside the activity u can pass the Contry name dynamcially. and then u can scarb data as well.
that will be a faster process to get Wikipedia.


Hope that will help you!

Thanks man!

thanks for the help

that will get me to wikipedia, question is how do i extract the data from there before it goes o to the ext row i the table

never mind it was my own fault all i had to do was add the extra step i wanted ad then it worked though the ext step before it went back to the next row