For each row (datatable) data rows change


I am creating a structured data table (from reading a table on a website) that can have anywhere from 10 to 20 rows in it. I have to change a status on some of the rows but as soon as I do change the status that particular row disappears so I have one less row now that what the bot counted in the beginning .

Does anyone know how to deal with this when the bot still thinks I have X amount rows but in fact I have one less now? This causes confusion with the bot and it then skips the next row. So instead of going to the second row it goes to the third

if your goal is to use the data table to work on the web site itself, i think you didnt need it in the first place… :slight_smile:

How would I loop through each row if I didn’t create a structured data table?

you need to loop through all lines of your website table to do some action on the rows?

Yes - I will need to go through each line and depending on what status each line is at I need to change it

@Bob2 What are you incrementing to go to the next row?

so you dont really do anything if the scrapped data, it will just make you process slower… you can use loop activities and check only the info you need for your decision and not the whole thing…

Is it possible that you start from the last row?
So even if you change it’s status and this row vanish all unprocessed rows will remain.


I actually found a solution - I just needed to put the increment in the ‘else’ of the if statement that way it would only increment if it needed to. Thanks

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