For each row add data to a different (next one) column in DT


Long story short:
I don’t know how to get data from CSV and paste it to a different columns in DT (*specific) - Row 1 to column X, Row 2 to column Y etc.

*in first few columns there will be added data from few variables.

Long version:

I have 2 programs and robot’s task is to copy data from program’s A documents and paste it in specific fields in program B.
Now it coping data from subsequent documents from program A to program B, document by document and it generate a few problems, so it has to be done differently.

My idea is to first take all data from program A, generate CSV with it and then paste it to program B.
Idea would be easy, but at some moment from program A is generating CSV with data. It generate only ID numbers to CSV and all data is in first column, but every ID is in next row. (All this data has to be psasted to program B fields)

So robot should get all data to variables and add it to DT in sequence: Variable 1 to column 1, Variable 2 to column 2 etc.
In Column e.g. 6 robot should add data from 1 row in CSV file and so on (there are from 1 to 15 ID numbers - depends on document).

How to do it (the second part :P)?