For each outlook email save attached pdf

Hi guys,

I am going through a list of email via For each Outlook Email activity. I want to download the attached .pdf file in each email. I need to download each file with each iteration and then upload it to a website. How can I download a file with each iteration rather than download all at once from all emails?



Use for each email…inside that use save attachments and if you need only pdf then you can add filter in the properties…

And then perform all upload actions also in the aame loop…

This way for each iteration each mail is used and everything runs in loop


Hello @Veskata - Welcome to the community. Please find attached sample workflow to read emails and download attachments sequentially. You need to update the properties with the required details.

Please let me know if it works for you.

Outlook_GetEmail_Attachments.xaml (17.5 KB)

Hi @shantanu_chande

Inside for each email activity insert the save attachment activity to save the pdf file and after that use the UI activities for the web automation to upload that file.

Then for each iteration save attachment activity download the file from mail and ui activities perform the activities to upload it to web application.

Hope it helps!!