For each no hay incidencias

we are iterating on a for each one when it has data, it makes data scraping correctly we close with a click and when it goes to the next option and in it “there is no request” as it does not fail, we have tried with assing dt = nothing does not work it goes to the last last one that has iterated.


If you are facing any errors, pls share the screenshot


I didn’t get this part buddy
Kindly elaborate a bit more on this

Cheers @Manoli_Puente

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I also have the same question :slight_smile:

Can you explain again if possible @Manoli_Puente?
Good if you can add some screenshots as well so it will be easy to understand

I would need a condition to go to 01-Applications / Software-Incidencite, the one I have is ID.Contains (“REQ”) because in 01-Applications / Software it opens and one of the data is ID Req … and of course not Never go for “No requests to show” what condition could you put?