For each lope on amazon textract?

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is there anyway to contain amazon textract analyze single page document under a for each loop? because i can analyze a single document but once i need to a for each loop i need to enter a document path for a single document? how to circumvent that so it wants to read every file in the directory? thank you

Hi @Vi_ciel

You need to read all files from a directory and then set the loop for all files
Here are some helpful videos how to do that.
Video 1: UiPath | Files in Folder to Data Table | How to get files from folder | VB.Net | Loop For Each File - YouTube
Video 2: UiPath | For Each File In Folder | Loop for all files in folder | Loop for all files in directory - YouTube
Video 3: UiPath | Get all Files from Directory and Subfolders | Get File information | Get Size of file - YouTube

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