For each loop with embedded counter for If statement

Hi, I am using a for each row with an embedded if function where the condition is my counter variable being less than 6. This is because the form I am filling out only has 6 rows, while my excel file contains 100+. The issue I am encountering is that after the condition is not met and the counter is reset to 0 in order for it to go through the “then” sequence again for the next 6 lines, it only writes within the first row of the form instead of completing all six lines. I believe this error may be related to the “Try Catch” tool I am using. I am confused because the first execution and completion of the form goes fine. Thank you


It might be helpful if you provide some more details on your code or your TypeIntos which are failing.

Also, if you have this surrounded by a Try/Catch, place a Rethrow in the Catch so you can see any errors that occur. Otherwise, your trying to troubleshoot blindly