For Each Loop updating website

Afternoon, me again…

I have downloaded a csv
used a Read CSV into a datatable

now its the For Each part im stuck on
I need it to for each row >> take column 1 paste it in to a browser > enter column 2 into page that appears copy over column 2, then start again with the next row
I know I need to have a variable with a count of rows (i think) so that it doesn’t just keep looping. but the rest im stuck on

@Jersey_Practical_Sho Upoload.Rows(1).Items(1) what it means?

that was just something ki was trying

upoload was a spelling mistake i made when creating the variable “upload” I was seeing if I could get it to simply use the data from row 1 item 1

@Jersey_Practical_Sho You can use like below


It will give 1st column values everytime loop runs.


but it doesn’t enter any information into the browser box

@Jersey_Practical_Sho may be problem with typeinto activity or u may dont have in that row for that column.

display the row(0).tostring to check whether datatable has value or not.

Ive found a solution that will work for me but…

when reading the solution they have .Rows at the end of the table name as below
But When I do I get the blue exclamation mark
If I leave .Rows off, then the exclamtion mark goes away but my write line outputs nothing

@Jersey_Practical_Sho Remove .Rows in dtTasks.Rows. It will work

now that what I thought but it wasn’t doing anything still (it was part of the problem)
It was actually the format of the CSV that I saved in excel I changed to (MS-DOS) type and now it all works, thanks for your help

@Jersey_Practical_Sho can u share screenshot of previous activity from where u getting data to dtTasks variable

@Jersey_Practical_Sho what is variable type of dtTasks? if it is dataTable Type. if It is dataTable type remove .Rows and let me know what u getting

all working now :smile: