For Each loop: Selected Tokens

Hi Guys

I checked the RPA Challenge with the JSON example and developed a aproach for my Tasks. I checked a lot Internet sources to understand the function of selected Tokens for my JSON Task.
I thought i got the point but running still in some problems. So i rebuild the approach of the JSON RPA with the data of the RPA.


  1. It is relevant for the selected token variant if i deserilize the Data with the JSON deserilization or JSON Array deserilization?

  2. Is there any syntax documentation for the JSON path function in selected Tokens function? I followed the standard json path syntax but this seems not to work correctly.

  3. I have a json example that starts:

    {“cruises”:[{“cruise_nid”:413358,“route_nid”:null,“route_title”:“Kurzreise von Genua nach Marseille”,“route_teaser_image_filepath”:“sites/default/files/cruises/routes/teasers/genua6-344065.jpg”,“nights”:1,

If i use JSON Array deserilization i got an exception that the file is no JSON array. If i correctly interpretating the JSON syntax, it is a JSON object that includes a array correct?


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