For each IDC

Hello again,

Just a little help fellows

I have small assignment to do, in our app for counting I must automate simple operation. I hope you will help me like Always.
In excel I have this

In app for accounting I must enter for each IDC theirs PO#.
My logic is this.
Read Excel, set dt1(example)
drNR=dt1.Select(“IDC = '”+ strIDC + “’”)
For Each:
item in drNR
strPO = item(“PO#”)
I am on good way or now, please help how to set that logic.
Also, I use for that Citrix Recording. All recording must be in loop or no?

Thank you all…

  1. For filtering the data, you need to use Filter Data Table activity and then get the required
  2. Then, to loop through all the filtered data, use FOR EACH ROW and then use assign inside to get the required values
  3. Then do the required inside the for each itself

I don’t want to filtering any data from excel. That excel file is actually config file. I just read excel, and pull up values in that app for accounting.

This is what you are doing right? which I thought is filtering the data @Gagi77

Yes, exactly like that. Thanks man, I appreciate