For each getting stuck on the same row


So i have an excel file and an application. What i am trying to do is to compare the values in the excel file “PO” column to the values in the application “ESO” column, both with different header name but it is the same thing. If the “PO” and the “ESO” matches, it will take the values from the “Status” column in the excel file and type that status into the application “Remarks” column.

The problem is that when it outputs the status, it is always on the same row. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Main.xaml (60.6 KB)

Hi @Bob_Lim
You can use method 2 sequence instead of method3.

hi @Bob_Lim

Refer to this post to compare two column values using Linq.

Kaviyarasu N


I have tried all 3 methods but i still get the same problem.


Thank you for the suggestion, let me try it out.

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Do you know where i should put the invoke code?