For each folder in folder activity filter option

Hi Team,

I am using for each folder in folder activiy and I am trying to use the filiter option to only check the “IDs” folder however it’s ont working how can i solve this?


You mean you need file with IDs in the name?

If so use "*IDs*"



My Bad "IDs" should be working

Can you show your folder structure does the folder name contain IDs in it?


i tried “IDs” but it’s not working



  1. Check the main folder you have given is correct
  2. Use a log message inside the first loop before the second for loop and see if it is going in


Hi @omar_ismail

You already given the filter name properly. Try this one, by checking the Include Subfolders option in the For each folder in folder activity.’

If it doesn’t work take a if condition inside the for each folder in folder loop give the condition like


Hope it helps!!

Hi @omar_ismail
Try this


Sorry it’s my wrong. @omar_ismail
Store the IDs in a variable like

  • Assign → StrVar = “IDs”


Hi @omar_ismail


try the above syntax

Hope it works !!

@omar_ismail Take an assign activity and create a variable like Strvar
In assign activity give like this Strvar = “IDs”
In if conditon give like this


If you only want to check the IDs folder, why don’t you just designate that as your “In folder”?