For Each failinbg in action center Document Understanding

testingPDF.xaml (29.6 KB)
There are three files in the folder WHich I AM reading in the Xaml and they iterating through For each extraction data and then action need from the owner for approval then the process executes and puts data into excel but now stuck in second iteration.

Hello @shashank_dullu

Can you provide some more info?
What exactly is failing? Some activities are missing when open the xaml file, cannot verify exactly what’s there.


Thanks @wasea - I have added complete project for your reference .
When I am trying to read the file Directory FOr first iteration it works fine but for Second it gives object reference error. Xaml is testingpdf (206.0 KB)

Hi @shashank_dullu,

Please change your for each loop to parallel for each and it should work.

I understand right now you must be getting error - object reference not set to an instance of an object.