For each excel row replace one character with another in a certain cell

Hello, any ideas whats wrong here?

What I need is:

This is example of my excel:


I need the UiPath to go through each row and if there is a * in field of work column I would like the * to be replaced with “x” or deleted.

This is what I have:

But I don’t think I understand this correctly.

Any ideas?

Oh the required outcome is something like that:

Hi @anon40731888

Please use if condition and write the condition as CurrentRow(“Field of Work:”).ToString.Contains(“*”) and then push thereplace activity into then place.


Hi @anon40731888
Try like this


(From d In dt_in.AsEnumerable()
Let ra = d.ItemArray.Select(Function (x) x.toString.Replace(“*”, “”)).toArray
Select rc = dt_out.Rows.Add(ra)).CopyToDataTable
Note: dt_in and dt_out should contain same number of columns
for that clone like in Assign(dt_out=dt_in.clone)

can you try this once
thanks and regards

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