For Each Excel Row I get error

I get the following error when I put “For Each Excel Row”.

Argument range bc30652: reference required to assembly sistem.xml.Readerwriter,Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d05a3a’ containing the type ‘lXmlSerializable’.
Add one to your project.

Can you help me solve it and if you know where I can learn how to solve them on my own please?

Hi @Favarelaa

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Give this

Excel.Sheet(“Sheet1”).Range(" ")


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Hi @Favarelaa

For Each Excel row will loop through your excel rows

For Each Row in Data Table will loop through yout datatable items

based on that to loop with excel you should use this expression



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Hey Fernando your way works great, thank you! but why cant I do it like this?

If I saved the range in to the “Read Range” with the variable dt_table, why cant I use dt_table in For Each Excel Row insted of righting it again?

You can’t because type of variable issues, if you want to loop though your datatable you should use a for each row in datatable

also if you want to use for each excel row you don’t need to read the range before that, just use the for each activity instead


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