For each email ReFramework - Counter


I’m using ReFramework for the first time and I prepared something like for each email. Problem is that my counter does not work and I have all the time same email.

in GetTransactionData I have alway the initial 0 as in_transactionNumber

1 assign
in_transactionNumber = in_transactionNumber +1

2 assign
out_transcationItem = io_TransactionData(in_TransactionNumber)

Where should I put this counter that next item would have the value from the previous transaction not 0 again? I j

Hi @jeyekij306 ,

When you starts with REFramework, the best thing is you don’t have to increase counter as REFramework already providing it in Set Transaction Status workflow.

You only have to pass that TransationNumber to your mail of collection like

mailitem= mail.ElementAt(TransactionNumber)

Here mailitem is of System.Net.Mail.MailMessages type