For Each Element Properties

When I create a new process and use ForEach Element, the property window looks like this. I want the window in the second picture, what should I do?

It looks like that first windows is “targetFramework”: “Windows” and second windows is “targetFramework”: “Legacy” so you need to change to see this second windows to legacy but I think it is not possible you can change from Windows legacy to Windows but from Windows to Windows legacy it makes issues in some workflows

was a bug in some combinations of UiPath Studio and UiPath.System.Activities

which version

  • of Studio
  • UiPath.System.Activities package

is used?

Don’t change it. You have to configure the UI elements, it fills in the “value” for you.

It looks like you have a variable in_Arr_Sheet? Are you trying to click Sheets in a spreadsheet? You don’t use UI automation to work with spreadsheets. Use the Excel activities.

  • Use Excel File
    ** For Each Sheet
    *** Excel activities to manipulate the data

Hi @mango3392

If you want old for each activity then downgrade the UiPath.System.Activities package

Hi @mango3392

To get the properties of type argument for the for each activity. Downgrade the version of UiPath.System.activities package. Then you can see the type argument properties in for each activity.

But the new for each also works good, When you pass the collection variable in the condition field it will automatically changes its type argument automatically. If the condition is array variable it will automatically changes it type argument to array in the background and it works fine.

Hope it helps!!


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