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i need your help again. i have an excel file that i want to filter. I need the date for each column that has “0” in it.

The result should be for the 1st column 300 = 29.05.22, 28.05.22, 27.05.22, 01.05.22, 24.04.22 and so on.

The column is the number to which a mail must be sent with the corresponding date.

I hope you can give me a hint here.

Thank you and best regards
Kopie von Kassenberichte20220502_105609.xlsx (39.8 KB)

Hey @nina.wenner

Sorry, I don’t understand this part.

Kindly explain.


is this ok?
Main (7).xaml (12.8 KB)

  1. read table
  2. loop table columns
  3. for each column filter column = 0
  4. add to dictionary
    resultDictionary(columnName) = all dates with 0 joined together

Result (print dictionary)

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