For each checkbox


I want to store data (amount and currency) against the checkbox which ever is checked in below screenshot and stored data I need to use at some other pop up window.

Can you please help with the activity and logic to be used for this scenario.

Hi @amritr

Use get attribute activity and set property status as “Checked”
Check the result in string

Use type into activityand type the amount

Ashwin S

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Hi Ashwin, I want to titrate through each of the check boxes and store the data which ever is checked.

HI @amritr

Use the UI Explorer to find a good selector which you can use to iterate through each check box dynamically. Look for a number or something similar that changes from each checkbox from top to bottom. Taking one or two and checking will give you an idea about the pattern.

Then, use a suitable loop to loop through the items,
within the loop, have the get attribute activity as @AshwinS2 mentioned and include the dynamic selector to select each check box in each iteration. Check get the Checked value as explained by Ashwin…