For each and data scraping

Also ahve a look on following alternate:
we configure the extract data different and get back also the url s for the country

So we can iterate over this result, will complete the url with the base path:

and can use it for opening the details pages when this was intended

As mentioned above:

so we can better help

No data was entered in build data

do i have to do this with assing?

Just run the flow and check output excel file.


some parts are used within assigns, others e.g. in for each or others. Kindly note: we asked for details, we presented alternates. But without your feedback we can less help straighforward. Thanks for support

Hi @Yurdanur_Yusuf

It has been added in the Build Data Table and write it in the excel file


Excelpath.xlsx (7.5 KB)


I sent you my file
i said what i want to do
There is no more information I can give

excel okey
I also want to see the data when I open the build data

This is not applicable. There is no such kind of feature.

You can add it manually to see the data @Yurdanur_Yusuf

very thanks
How can I report that the problem has been resolved?

Kindly note:
we do see within the commented out part country detail information retrieval

and we shared a more short alternate and asked for interest

But this question is unanswered, but would influence the implementation

We had shown above the list split, country item retrieval, so your tried approach can just be changed to:
and you can clear this open part step by above.

But again its not fitting fully in the Big Picture and overall flow. More clear now?

yes, I understand now.
thank you very much.

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Hello @Yurdanur_Yusuf

Datascrapping output will be Datatable. Then you can use For each row in datatable activity.

You can use Table Extraction to achieve this.


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I don’t think so it can be applicable @Yurdanur_Yusuf ,

Why do you need to see in the Build Data Table?


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