For Each Activity Error - Value for a required activity argument 'Values' was no supplied

Hi All,

I am having the follow issue. When I try to use “For Each” activity in properties panel the follow error shows up - “Value for a required activity argument ‘Values’ was no supplied”. I found some old topics with solutions to roll back to old version of UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities, but its still doesn’t work and I thing it is not the right solution. I’m using the newest packages:


Hi @niki_penkov

Can you try downgrading UiPath.System.Activities



Can you show the error details?

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It works with ver. 23.10.6.

Thanks a lot!

Hi @niki_penkov

Hope your query is resolved. If yes, please mark my post as solution to close the loop.


Hi @niki_penkov

Update the UiPath.System.Activities package to the latest version (24.10.3) in the Manage Packages activity. Then you can find the elements as you required in the For each activity.

Check the below images for better understanding,

For each activity properties updated as below,

Hope it helps!!

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