FOR/BOR licensing

I read few posts in this forum. They mentioned they have bought FOR license,BOR license and studio license.Please find my queries below
1)what is meant by the FOR/BOR license. is it just a license key or UiPath run time agent mapped to our desired server(for which license is bought).
2) If you have just BOR/FOR license, can you run it in particular server without studio?
3)If you have 3 BOR , can it run on the same server parallely?

Sorry if i had posted very basic question.Can somebody give me clarity on bots execution?

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Hi @Sathish2993
First, to give you an accurate answer, could you tell me if you’re asking for the 2016.2 or 2017.1 version? Because licensing is different between the two versions.


  1. There are different licenses for FOR and BOR:
    FOR - standalone or are triggered by a user or agent. In this case you need one license per machine.(so, to be more clear, someone has to be always logged in on the machine and manually run the processes on the robot)
    BOR - with this license you can run on locked machines from orchestrator - recommended in production(in this case you don’t need the user/agent permanently logged in on the machine where the robots runs - for example you can schedule it from orchestrator to run at night time)
  2. Studio is the designer(development purposes) and when you install it the Robot Service is also installed. The licensing that you buy determines how they will run. (as mentioned above)
  3. Yes, they can run on windows server parallely from orchestrator. They are called high-density robots and there are some parameters you need to define in order for this to work properly.

Please let me know if something is unclear and you can also check this post:

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Thank you for your quick reply. i got clarity now.

Can you please tell me what is Uipath enterprise edition??

Hi Shatakshi,

Enterprise Edition is when you first open Studio and choose Activate license and enter a valid licence key.

For example, when you request Trial, you get an email with the .msi installer and a Trial key(which is a valid license key). The advantages would be that it doesn’t update automatically(which is a good thing in production) and you have the Robot as a Windows service. It can also be activated offline.

More details in this post: UiPath: Community, Enterprise & Installers
If you have any more questions, shoot :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time!
One more thing, is this trail version paid??

No, but it expires in 60 days and after that you cannot go back to using Community Edition.

Is there any difference between trail version and community edition?


When you request Trial, you get the .msi and a code and when you request CE you get the .exe installer. There are details about them in the post i’ve shared above.

Thank you!