For 2nd transaction,selector error coming to process steps after successfull first transaction

In service now incidents are extracted & added to queue. Incident is processed successfully for first transaction. For second transaction incident number is not fetching & getting selector issue.
Please help anyone.

Hi @vnsatyasunil

Verify that the selector you are using to fetch the incident number is accurate and specific enough to identify the correct element. Sometimes, changes in the application or the web page can cause selectors to become invalid or unreliable. You may need to update the selector to ensure it correctly identifies the incident number element.


Hi @vnsatyasunil,

Get the incident number element selector for both transactions manually (Easy if you use Ui Explorer) and compare them. Try to make one selector for both incident number elements by making it dynamic. You may have to use wildcards, variables in the selector, etc.


can you please share any sample workflow for fetching incidents & adding to queue and processing incidents one by one in servicenow using reframework