Folders in orchestrator uipath

where can we find classic and modern folders in orchestrator in new version can anyone help in folders

Hi @bhavana_kolli

You can find the modern and classic activities in the same project.

Go to Activities panel → Click on filter symbol → enable the classic or modern.

Then search for activities you want it will show both classic and modern as well.

Hope it helps!!

Please have look into it
hope it helps

i cant see classic folder in my orchestrator why?..

Classic folders are present in default
can yo see default?
if not please send screenshot for more clarification

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Because classic folders are no longer available.


Classic folders have been deprecated and are not available now…Only if you are having a on prem orchestrator and if not migrated from classic yet…only then you can see


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Hi @bhavana_kolli

You cannot view the Classic Folders in the Updated Version now
You can only view the Modern Folders.

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