Folders in 2019.10 and Organizational units

3 questions about Folders. 1. Do they replace Organization Units? 2. What happens to existing Organizational Units assuming Folders does replace them? 3. In Organization Units entities cannot be moved from one to another. Is this still true with Entities once associated to a particular folder? Thanks in advance! Paul C

Hello @PaulC

May I know what you are talking about here? Which application and what folders is this referring to?

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Hi @PaulC

Please go over our documentation here:

If Organization Units were in use, a classic folder of the same name is created for each unit, and all entities are transferred to the new folder(s).

I am actually not sure, I only found this so far:

The contents of these entities are specific to the active folder, only those available in this folder are visible in Orchestrator. Switching the active folder will also update the entities, and their contents, visible in Orchestrator.

I’ll dig around a bit to educate myself here :slight_smile:

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That is my understanding with playing with them OU=Classic Folder and the documentation indicates as such.

They function in the same manner as the Organization Units feature in earlier versions.

In the classic model, a robot can be part of only one folder.

I don’t see an option in the UI to move an existing Robot Record between Classic Folders when viewing Management > Robots.

When attempting to add a robot that exists within another Classic Folder, the following error is thrown.

The user blah from machine MYMACHINE is already used by another robot (#1001)


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Thanks very much for the feedback/information. It is very helpful. Looking forward to any info you are able to dig up on whether or not entities may be moved to a different folder. Thanks again…Paul C

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Thanks very much for sharing. The error you are getting seems to confirm that entities cannot be moved from one folder to another. Thanks again twhitehead:) Paul C

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Orchestrator v2019.10 and Folders (Classic and Modern) within it to organize entities in.

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