Folder structure upload issue

Hello everyone

i have folders and subfolders in my local machine like Output\ 2023\ JAN , FEB , MARCH , APRIL\ and so on means inside folders i have subfolders which also consists another subfolders and the last sub folders contains excel files.

when i upload the folder on the location i get the main folder and inside the main folder i am getting all subfolder and files (which i dont want)

I want to upload my local machine’s folder structure exactly as it is.

Hello @Luffy,

If you use the following code, you can get only main folder paths.

arrFolderPaths = Directory.GetDirectories(“YourOutputFolderPath”)

Kindly try this.


Directory.GetDirectories(InputfolderPath ,“*”, Searchoption.alldirectories)

actually i am using this to check output of this variable in immediate window panel it is showing me same folder structure in my local.