Folder Path Access Denied


When I have downloaded files and saved in UiPath REFramework “Data\Temp” folder, I cannot loop through those files because it throws error message saying access to the file path has been denied. I haven’t even opened that folder. What could be the reason and how I can fix it?



When running from orchestrator the data/temp folde rwill be inside the userprofile folder…

Once manually open the user profiel folder if not opened…generally first time permission has to be given… or check if those folder are locked

C:\users\<username> then inside this .nuget folder is there it would be present


I can see that .nuget folder is there and under packges, I can see UiPath as well. Just for your info the folder is not locked.

I have tried several methods but not successful so far.


Are you running on the same system?

Can you show what you are trying…is the download fully complete before trying to access