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I have the following problem: I would like to have all the pdf in the folder “A” OCRed using Microsoft OCR engine, written in a text file in the folder B and then move pdf files from folder A to folder C to distinguish them from those I have already OCRed.

Since it is rather irrelevant if a single .pdf file gets copied after OCRing or all of them are copied at the end - I chose the easier (to my mind) 2nd option. I tried copying without OCRing first and it worked. I also tried to run this process with one file and also went fine - therefore I must have messed something up with the loop.

I started with assigning a new variable (as it was explained in a similar topic)

Then, I used ‘for each’ loop and had pdfs OCRed

Finally, I decided to assign a new variable of a text file (since all of them need to have a different names). I wanted .txt file to be named exactly like .pdf one, so I created new variable name = “Path”+item.ToString+".txt".

There, I encountered problem:

Could you please tell me what went wrong and what to write in a ‘File name’ and ‘Text must be quoted’ sections of ‘Write Text File’?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Can you check the value of Item, i think it will have the entire path+filename+extension

``to get filename you can use :ilename= Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(item)`

to get path you can use : Path = Path.GetDirectoryName(item).

“Path”+filename.ToString+".txt". — This should go in file name

Miscrosoft OCR Output ----- string variable should go into Textmust be quotedemphasized text

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I tried that and while the process is working, I see no documents ocred in a given folder.
Do you know why is that so?

What do you mean by this? The output is empty?

Yes, the .txt file is there, but when I open it - it is nothing inside

Try doing with a single file outside your code and see if the result is the same.

Same thing. There must be something wrong with the OCR engine settings…
That’s weird, because it used to work, when I tried before.