Folder creation

Hai All… In Folder Creation, what kind of property need to be change in each activity?

@Nandhuba Do you mean the Create Directory Activity?

@supermanPunch Thanks For the Response… In creat folder activity, what kind of property need to change?

Will only be Folder name, you put there the full path of the folder you need to create…

@Nandhuba I don’t htink there’s a Create Folder Activity yet, but there’s a Create Directory Activity Where you can Pass the Folder name that you want to Create with Full Path or just a name, and that’s it Just the Name is the Property that needs to be Supplied to it. If this didn’t help, Can you tell us what you really want to do :sweat_smile:

@supermanPunch Is it ? But I had Create Folder activity in my uipath… Then how’s it possible? I’ve already done what u told now

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@Nandhuba Ohh, Wow , Did you install any packages for it?

@bcorrea tq … I put the full path only …

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@supermanPunch No … it shows inbuildly

@Nandhuba Can you show us the Properties Section of Create Folder Activity?

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@supermanPunch this is the property panel …

put quotes before and after: “c:\folder”

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@Nandhuba I think you need to use the Value Provided in the Path inside the Double Quotes :sweat_smile:

@supermanPunch tq.

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@bcorrea Thank u so much.

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@bcorrea In Path exist activity i’ve given path type as folder&given full path. to check either the created folder exist or not how to give condition in if activity?

That activity will have an Output property called Exists (boolean type), so you need to create a variable of that type and put its name in there, so in your if will be like:

IF (myFolderExists = False)

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@bcorrea Thank you :blush:

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